LG 7.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Review 2019: Buying Guide

LG Top Loading Washing Machine is a great example of what different about the new generation of Top Loads Washing Machines. This washing machine is equipped with premium features which makes it unique from others.

LG Washing Machine Review 2019
LG Washing Machine Top Load 2019


  • Lg Smart Motion
  • Soft Closing
  • Side Waterfall
  • Powerful LG Motor System
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Pre-Wash
  • Punch+ 3
  • Stand by Power Save Mode
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Turbo Drum
  • Less Vibration and Noise

This Washing Machine is equipped with “LG Smart Diagnosis” technology which helps users find the error and after that immediately initiate the best possible solution. Additionally, its “Punch+ 3” feature generates water stream in the vertical direction that mix laundry in up and down direction repeatedly for balanced even wash.

How to Use LG Smart Diagnosis?

It is very simple to use its diagnosis process and we have divided it into a few steps which could be helpful for you to understand.

1- First, Turn on the power and Call the LG Customer Care Service Center. or Launch the Smart Laundry App on your Mobile Phone.
2- Second, Place the receiver of the phone near to the “Smart Diagnosis Logo”, and Press “Water” button for 3 seconds.
3- Third, Sound of diagnosis will continue for seconds.
4- Fourth, Customer Care Center or LG Smart Laundry App will identify and guide you to the solution.

“Auto Restart” features save a lot of time of the users because it restarts the process where it was stopped because of power failure.

If we talk about energy saving than there is a feature named “Stand By Power Save” which doesn’t consume energy even the power code is plugged in. Its “Auto Pre-Wash” feature removes the tough stains of clothes only by a single touch.

Most users demand their washing machine should have less noise and vibration. By taking that into consideration they innovated a motor system which has a feature “BMC Motor Protection” which lowers the noise and vibration. This feature also guards the motor against dust, insect, and humidity.

Its “Smart Inverter Tech” is one of the best features which efficiently controls the power usage by adjusting the power used at the optimum level as per the required electricity. Also, Their powerful motor system makes it durable.

Agitating, Rotating, & Swing are the 3 kinds of tub management which are controlled by the smart inverter and these motions improve its washing performance & also take care of the garment.

a- Agitating- It removes stains by creating a powerful water stream.
b- Rotating- It helps in untangles the clothes at the end of washing.
c- Swing- Moves delicate clothes gently which minimize the fabric damage.

Once your clothes are washed, the “Air Dryer” feature removes excess water and moisture from them so they are almost dry when they are taken out of the washer.

Its “Turbo Drum” creates a water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction which enables the most powerful wash and hence, removes the toughest dirt.

Reasons to Buy-

Reduce Electricity Bill
Powerful LG Motor
Quick Wash

Reasons Not to Buy-

Requires regular supply of Water

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