How to Choose the Best Washing Machine in 2019? Buying Guide

Washing Machine is a one-time investment for 3 to 4 years. So, the user should invest pretty carefully.

It is very important to know about the product everything you gonna purchase in the future. In the case of Washing Machine, you should also know about its Technologies, Types, Brand, After Sale Services, and More.

Best Washing Machine Guide 2019
Best Washing Machine Guide 2019

Factors to be considered before you buy a Best Washing Machine in 2019 are:

1- Brands

It is one of the most important factors to be considered because in India more buyers are brand conscious. They thing top brand makes a higher reputation in a society where they are living.

A brand is a name, design, symbol that identifies one sellers good or services and it also distinct from those of other sellers.

In India, there are many brands which are manufacturing washing machines right now and they are LG, Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, Intex, Onida, and More.

LG and Samsung are very trusted and economical brand available in the market. On the other hand, Bosch is a little expensive but gives value for the money.

2- Types of Washing Machines

In the Market, there are many types of washing machines and it could be very difficult to find the right one for you which suits your needs.

a- Fully Automatic

As its names signify, all functioning is done with a single press of a button and there is no need for human interventions which saves times also.

Users have to put their clothes on it and after that washing machine will wash the clothes and dry them also.

b- Semi-automatic

This washing machine is partially automatic which means you have to do some work manually like after the wash you have to take out the clothes and put them in the dryer tub.

Even you have to fill the water also in the washing tub. These are always going to be top loading remember that.

c- Top Load Washing Machines

It is a washing machine where users have to put their laundry from the top and this machine comes in both semi & fully automatic.

This washing machine is good for those who don’t want to bend down or have some back issues.

d- Front Load Washing Machines

A front load machine always comes in a fully automatic form where users have to put the load from the front side by bending.

They take less space, uses less water, less electricity, and gives better results compare to top load washing machines.

3- Quality

Quality is one of the factors which does influence the purchasing decisions of most buyers.

Almost all brands are focusing on quality and implementing the best material in their drums and other parts.

Plastic & Porcelain enamel is cheaper and Stainless Steel is the expensive ones. But Plastic Tubs are more durable than enamel one because they can easily rust.

On the other hand, Stainless Steel is the best and more durable & can spin high compared to plastic and enamel ones.

4- Best Wash

This is the most necessary function because if the washing machine doesn’t wash your clothes clean then there is not a sense of purchasing it.

Best Wash is the prime function and buyers do buy it to make their clothes clean without any human interventions.

Fully Automatic are the best washing machines for a better wash for your laundry.

5- Capacity

We all know Washing Machines comes in different capacities which are in Kilo Gram (KG).

  • 5 Kg- Individual or Couple
  • 6 Kg- Couple
  • 7 Kg- Small Family
  • 8 Kg- Medium Family
  • 9 Kg- Large Family
  • 10 Kg- Large Family
  • 11 Kg- Very Large Family
  • 12 Kg- Very Large Family

So, you must decide the capacity of your washing machine and then you should make a purchase decision.

Washing Machine Capacity

6- Noise and Vibration Level

Ancient Washing Machines creates too much noise and vibration because of the use of belts, and movable parts.

So, always purchase those machines which are equipped with Direct Drive Motor Technology.

7- Energy Start Rating

If you go to the market then you find star ratings which means the higher the rating you will save at least 25% on electricity and water usage.


In the end, you must check the price of the preferred washing machine and compare all the features with other washing machines brands. So, that you could get the best one among them.

You can also list the price of various washing machines and makes the chart of all the features they possessed. Then, it will be easier for you to choose from the Best Washing Machine in 2019.

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